What is the best way for me to receive your pricing and information?

Our website; request a quote or call us


What kind of water do you use for your Private Label service?

Water purified by Reverse Osmosis and ozonated for taste and freshness.


Do you offer eco-friendly bottles for Private labeling?

Currently, we only offer PET plastic bottles, and most recently eco-friendly plastic bottles.


What is your minimum order?

10 cases


Can you ship my order to two or more different locations?



What is your lead time?

For a new label, lead time is 2 weeks. For a reorder, lead time is 1 week.


How many bottles per case?

24 bottles per case, excluding 1 liter bottled water which comes with 12 bottles per case.


How long can water be stored?

Unopened bottled water products can usually be stored indefinitely, provided the bottles are kept in the proper environment, such as a dry place out of direct sunlight. Always keep bottled water away from volatile chemicals, such as cleaning compounds, paints, or gasoline.


I have label art, do I still pay the "set-up" fee?

The one –time “set-up” fee consists of the printing plates, which are need to print your labels.


Can I see what the label will look like before you print it?

We always send you a label proof for your review. A label is not printed until we have a signed proof from you. This gives the customer the ability to make any changes or corrections to the label, if needed.