What is Private Label Water?

Private label bottled water is water that is uniquly yours. No one other than you can market or sell these bottles. You market yourself, and not someone else. Your label is yours, and yours alone...with your logo and brand. It's a "Liquid Business Card" for your business to share with a consumer. It allows you to make a one to one connection everytime you give a customer a bottle of water!

We help you market your company, school, team, special event or organization with a custom message on your own private label. Why promote somone else's brand when you can promote your own for the same price or even less?


How Does Private Label Water Benefit Me?

  • We save you money and provide you with a method to market yourself.
  • Increase your brand recognition using the power of the thirsty consumer.
  • Give something tangible to the customers with your company name, logo, or even coupons!
  • Increase your profit margin on a product you already sell and reap the benefits of promoting your own brand instead of someone else's bottled water.
  • Customers will remember the bottle of Ice Cold water with your company logo.